Conference: March 9-12, 2020
Exhibition: March 10-12, 2020
Walter E Washington Convention Center | Washington, DC
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SATELLITE exhibitors and sponsors enjoy unparalleled access to prospective and current customers, as well as integrators and strategic partners at every level of the value chain! Use SATELLITE to:


The global space economy is estimated to be worth more than $360 billion, with 77% of that amount attributed directly to the satellite industry. Growth is expected to continue as new applications and technologies push the industry, and the realm of what’s possible, forward.

SATELLITE 2020 is the epicenter of this growing economy. With more than 15,000 satellite and space professionals attending from all segments of the industry, as well as technology end-users fueling new demand for the latest technologies from companies at all stages along the value-chain, this is THE one annual event you’ll want to leverage to make new contacts, meet with existing and potential customers and partners and show off your company’s latest technologies and innovations that are driving future growth and capabilities.

  • 15,387
    total SATELLITE registrants
  • 343
    exhibiting companies
  • 298
  • 159
    members of the press
  • 80,800
    net square feet of exhibit space
international registrants from 110+ countries represented

SATELLITE Attendance Continues to Grow!

Inside the Numbers

About the SATELLITE Audience

  • Nearly 1 out of every 2 SATELLITE attendees are C-level or Executive Management
  • 74% attend solely to experience the exhibits
  • 81% of attendees play a role in purchasing decisions, and almost half of them are final decision-makers
  • 64% of attendees plan to make a purchase within 24 months

20 Most Sought After Products

  1. Satellite Networks
  2. Antennas
  3. Broadband Technology
  4. Broadcast Satellite Services
  5. Amplifiers
  6. Modems
  7. RF/Microwave Components
  8. Internet-of-Things (IoT)/M2M Technology
  9. Terminals
  10. IP Networking
  11. WiFi
  12. Engineering Services
  13. Receivers
  14. Test Equipment Simulator - Hardware Software
  15. Mobile Data Services
  16. Down Converters
  17. Cellular Backhaul Services
  18. Transmitters
  19. Networking Management - Hardware Software
  20. Routers

Show Floor Features

All new for SATELLITE 2020! We’ve collaborated with Freeman, our general services partner and an expert in experiential tradeshow design, to evolve our show floor in a way that will foster to traffic movement around the floor, attendee retention and longer visits to the show floor, and immersive and interactive experiences!

Four uniquely themed stations are positioned strategically on the show floor with the high-energy Unveiled Theater at the center and unopposed aisles encourage traffic flow throughout the floor.

Attendees can relax and enjoy the latest in sports, media and entertainment – and some great food and beverage - in your fully-branded Connectivity Lounge. As one of four major attendee engagement hubs on the show floor, this area is guaranteed to attract a crowd and garner tons of impressions and branding for your company.

By visiting the Charity Saloon, attendees can contribute and donate to a worthy cause like a STEM program for local students or related charity of your choice, featuring games and other immersive activities for attendees. The goodwill you’ll generate as the sponsor will resonate at the event and beyond and will help the program or charity of your choice in a significant way.

Provide attendees with a fully-immersive, spaced-based VR/AR experience in this exciting new area of the show floor! An entertaining break provided by your company will be appreciated as attendees relax and enjoy some time to socialize and have a drink with colleagues and new friends.

Attendees can grab a drink and some food while checking out the latest satellite-based imaging and mapping that’s helping the world become more efficient at capturing, analyzing and using data for both industry applications and the good of humankind. This is satellite-based data on full display for all attendees to see, with your company branding front and center.

Executives and technical engineers from satellite companies will give attendees an insider's look to their latest technology and new product launches. Tech Demonstrations allow you to:
  • Introduce a new product or service

    with a captive audience and 30 minutes to tell your story, this is the perfect time to announce a new product/service, and educate attendees on how this service will revolutionize your market!

  • Increase brand awareness

    new to the community or need to get your name in front of more prospects? Pre-show promotion, a dedicated and a captive audience set the stage to increase the reach of your brand!

  • Launch your corporate strategy

    serving new markets? Offering new applications? Reorganizing your existing services present the transition and evolution of your company's strategy to stay on the innovative edge!

The all-new Startup Pavilion at SATELLITE 2020 is dedicated area for new market entrants looking to showcase their innovative technologies to prospective investors, partners and buyers via all-inclusive, hassle-free turnkey exhibit packages which include company graphics, carpeting, electrical connectivity and company listings in all related marketing and promotional materials.

The Startup Pavilion is THE place for startup companies looking to take their businesses to the next level at SATELLITE and is sure to be a top destination for attendees interested in discovering the latest and newest products and services from some of the most innovative companies in the satellite and aerospace industries.

What better way to attract attendees to the show floor than a happy hour? This year, we are introducing two new networking events that are opened to all attendees right on the show floor! The networking events will drive more traffic on the show floor, which means more traffic to your booth. This is your chance to get personal with the attendees in a fun, relaxes environment!

Buyers You’ll Meet at SATELLITE

There’s simply no substitute for showing prospective buyers and partners your latest technologies first-hand. Thousands of attendees travel to SATELLITE to interact directly with companies on the show floor whose products and services can help their enterprises and agencies be more efficient, more secure and ultimately drive future revenues and growth for their companies. Exhibiting is still the most cost-effective and efficient way of getting your products and services directly in front of potential buyers and partners, and the SATELLITE show floor is a veritable shopping mall of the latest satellite and space technologies.

The list below are just a few companies from each industry that you’ll meet with when you join our SATELLITE Show Floor

Choose an Industry
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Look Who’s Already Exhibiting!

SATELLITE's Exhibit Hall floor represents the entire ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers and integrators serving all technology end-user markets. These companies have already secured their spot on the SATELLITE Show Floor, so make sure your company is a part of the excitement!

Click Here to See All Exhibitors

Bringing the Right Buyers to You

Each year, SATELLITE evolves to keep pace with the ever-changing industry and grows accordingly with new end-user markets, applications and technologies. The marketing plan for 2020 will employ a combination of strategic efforts that will drive the right customers to the show floor!

Our comprehensive marketing plan will feature on-point messaging that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to each market's challenges. The plan includes:

  • Exhibitor promotions crafted for each audience featuring the new products, services and demos attendees are interested in
  • Group attendee packages created to boost attendance from the companies, regions and markets you want to see
  • Pre-show marketing tools including personalized banner ads, exposition hall passes, and landing pages

As a part of our marketing plan, we are constantly on the search for new partnerships that we can introduce to SATELLITE.

With thousands of registered attendees descending on Washington DC for SATELLITE week, you'll have access to attendees of all markets, job levels and regions. As sponsors and exhibitors, this is your opportunity to turn those connections into leads before, during and after the show!

For pre and/or post-show access to registered SATELLITE attendees, a dedicated email blast on your company's behalf is a simple yet effective way to reach attendees. Whether not you opt to hit the entire registration database with your message or drill down to a single, specialized category of registrants, this is the perfect way to directly target attendees with your brand and message! offers a variety of ad options on all pages throughout the site, including the event home page! With hundreds of thousands of impressions leading up to the show, you'll want to take advantage of getting your message and brand in front of the entire satellite community and technology end-users

This program creates pre-qualified sales leads and onsite appointments for your team based on the target markets, companies and titles you want to meet with at SATELLITE. Our team will work directly with you to identify your prospects in order to build a database of engaged decision-makers, and work with you on creative and content, to deliver compelling messaging to your unique audience. This is THE BEST WAY to guarantee that your investment in SATELLITE pays dividends and accomplishes your #1 objective – direct meetings with the individuals most interested in and likely to purchase your products and services.

Upgrading your exhibitor listings with an enhanced package provides you with:

  • Featured video content, product images and white papers of your choice in your profile
  • Top priority listing in exhibitor search
  • Highlighted booth on the online exhibit hall floor plan
  • Access to leads of site visitors viewing your online profile!


Beyond having a presence on the show floor, event sponsorship can help you drive more leads directly to your sales and business development teams, enhance and promote your brand to thousands of attendees, provide you with private meeting space to conduct pre-set and ad hoc meetings with current and potential customers and partners and provide attendees with an enhanced experience that generates goodwill and thanks from the market sectors you care about.

We’re committed to working with you to better understand your marketing objectives and build you a customizable package that will ensure your success at SATELLITE 2020! Check out the complete menu of options today that can take your experience to the next level…